How to build STARDOME

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Maximum Space Out of Minimum Material

Anyone can easily build a gSTARDOMEh. The standard size of a STARDOME is of 18m in circumference, thus creating a space of approx. 15 tatami mats where more than 30 people can get together. Such a great house can be made in only three hours even if starting from scratch (i.e. splitting bamboos for the frame).

Materials for 18m circle STARDOME
¥Whole bamboo rots (10cm diameter, 5m length, #6j
¥Base ropeiPP braided rope, 5mm diameter, 20m lengthj
¥Short ropes for joint(120cm #50)
¥Canvas (1.85m x 45m)

¥bamboo splitter (large size)
¥drill(8mm diameter)
¥tape measure
¥work gloves

Now, let us see how to build the dome.

A bamboo splitter may come in handy to split bamboos for the dome frame. Physical strength is not required if you can skilfully use that tool. Here is where the magical technique eKimoto takeuraf comes into play. In order to split bamboos neatly, start splitting them lengthwise, down from the tip.

There are three kinds of frames:
1. gFSh = star frame (20pces)
2. gFPh = pentagon frame (10pces)
3. gFTh = top frame (5pces)

1) (MAIN FRAME) Pair up 10 FS passing strings through the holes, thus making 5 long bars.
2) (SIDE FRAME) Pair up 10 FS = 5 bars
Pair up 10 FP = 5 bars
3) (TOP) 5 FT
4) (BASE) Rope = Circumference + 2m
The length of the rope for the base has to be 2m longer than the circumference. Make 10 overhand knots with drawloops at regular intervals.

Make sure that the canvas is 10% bigger than the frame. Make equilateral triangles and perfect pentagons beforehand and sew them together. Be sure to leave one side of the triangle unsewn for the door.

Towards a Lightful and Flexible Future

3-10 people are required for building the dome in approx. 30 minutes. gDome-mastersh can build the dome in only 10 minutes. gConvenienceh is what best characterises the STARDOME.

1) Lay the rope down on the floor in a circle where you are planning to build the dome.

2) Interweave 5 FS for the apex into a pentagram. Make sure to interweave them over and under one another.
3) Make pentagonal figures by interweaving 5 FP over and under the main frame (FS).
4) If need be, the top frame (FT) can be added for security.
Make sure all frames overlap one another neatly, then pass strings in their respective holes and tie them together.

5) Now, let us raise the dome. Have 5 people stand between two FS which come down from the apex. Each person holds two FS, facing the centre. At a given signal, push up the frame above your head and walk backwards thus expanding the dome. Here comes the most exciting moment! A big hemisphere comes into shape!

6) Use the remaining 5 FS to make star shapes on the sides. Interweave them, one after another, respectively under and over the existing frame. Did you get how to do it?

7) Once frames are all set up properly, temporarily undo the overhand knots, fasten the three frames at the base using strings passing through the loops and retighten the overhand knots.


Put the canvas over the dome. Using the wind to cover it can make the task a lot easier. Well, what shall we do inside the dome now?